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Heating 1 gallon of water produces, on average, 0.18 lbs of CO2. A five-minute shower creates 2.25lbs of CO2 and a ten-minute shower 4.5 lbs of CO2. A survey by Ech2o from 2010 found that an average shower lasts 13 minutes. Taking only five minute showers for the next 30 days would save 108 lbs of CO2, which is more than what a tree seedlings grown for 10 years can sequester (1.27 times more to be precise)! Source cited.
Tree planting is an important element in the solution to tackle climate change - trees absorb carbon dioxide and are vital carbon sinks. Planting is also quick, cheap and immediate action. A large tree inhales around 20.3 kgs of CO2 in a year and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year. Source cited.
Trees increase shade, manage stormwater, increase property value, and can reduce heating and cooling costs for residences. Planting trees strategically in your yard can make your home up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer. SRP.
Improve your health and eliminate the energy necessary to operate an elevator.
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